Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why I run

I have not been feeling good lately. I think I blog enough about that. Because I haven't felt that great, I have not ran that much. Today, I think I am turning a corner. I think I am getting much better. so I was able to run today. Wow! Did that feel good. Now what might be interesting to you is this: It did not feel good physically. I am a little sore 5 hours later. But it did feel wonderful clearing my head. And that is why I run!
Exercise just helps you clear you head. I don't care if you like running, or if you are a basketball person, boxer, whatever. Just do something! Get your head cleared!

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Shari said...

The weather this summer has not exactly been conducive to outside exercise, and it's been even worse for colds and stuff. Hang in there. You'll get back in the groove!